Tests for the functional groups
1)Which compound gives violet colour with neutral ferric chloride solution?

2)Which of the following gives ester test? (i)Alcohol (ii) Secondary amine (iii) Aldehyde (iv) Carboxylic acid

3)What is Lucas reagent?

4)What is Fehling’s solution B?

5)What is the main product obtained when aniline is treated with chloroform and caustic potash?

6)Name a reagent used to detect carbonyl group in a compound

7)What is nitrous acid?

8)ഒരു സംയുക്തം അപൂരിതമെന്നറിയാനുള്ള പരിശോധന?

9)Schiff’s test is used for which class of compounds?

10)Aldehyde when treated with Fehling’s solution A and Fehling’s solution B gives a red coloured precipitate. What is that precipitate?