Preparation of (250 mL of 0.1M) Standard Solution of Oxalic Acid
1)What is the equivalent mass of oxalic acid?

2)What is the amount of oxalic acid required to prepare 1000 ml of 1 N oxalic acid?

3)Calculate the molar mass of oxalic acid?

4)Calculate the oxalic acid required to prepare 100 ml 0.1 M oxalic acid?

5)What amount of oxalic acid is required to prepare 250 mL 0.1 N solution ?

6)The weight of oxalic acid that will be required to prepare a 1000 mL(N/20) solution is

7)What is the mass of oxalic acid taken to make M/40 solution ?

8)If 1.26 g of oxalic acid dissolves in 250 ml of solutions then it’s normality is

9)What is the required amount of oxalic acid to prepare 0.05M solution in 250ml?

10)Statement A : Tap water is used for the preparation of solution in laboratory because it is essentially inert. Statement B : Distilled water is contains H and C only.