Preparation of (250 mL of 0.1M) Standard Solution of Oxalic Acid

Materials Required 

Weighing balance, Watch glass, Weight box, 250ml beaker, Glass rod, 250cm3 measuring flask / Volumetric flask, Wash bottle, Weighing tube, Oxalic acid, Funnel, Funnel stand, Distilled water 


The Procedure 


  • Mass (m) of the solute expressed in grams = MVMm/1000 
  • M – Molarity of the solution 
  • V- Volume of the solution in cm3 
  • Mm – Molar mass of the solute 
  • Hydrated oxalic acid = C2H2O4.2H2O 
  • Molecular mass of Oxalic Acid = 126. 
  • 12.6 g of oxalic acid per litre of the solution should be dissolved to prepare M/10 oxalic acid solution. 
  • Mass = 0.1 (mol)* 250(cm3) *126 (g mol-1)/ 1000 (cm3) 
  • Mass = 3.1500g 

Real Lab Procedure

  • Take a dry watch glass and take the empty weight of the watch glass 
  • Weigh the exact amount of clean and dried watch glass. 
  • Weigh correctly on the watch glass 3.1500 g of oxalic acid and record this weight in the notebook. 

Note: Always note weight up to the fourth decimal place and clean the balance before and after weighing the chemical. 

  • Using a funnel, transfer oxalic acid softly and carefully from the watch glass into a clean and dry measuring flask. 
  • Wash the watch glass with distilled water to move the particles that stick to it into the foam with the assistance of a wash bottle. 

Note: For this purpose, the volume of distilled water should not exceed 50 ml. 

  • Wash funnels several times with distilled water to move the sticking particles into the measuring flask using a wash bottle. Add water in tiny quantities while washing the funnel. The distilled water quantity used for this purpose should not exceed 50 mL. 
  • Using a wash bottle, wash the funnel carefully with distilled water to pass the solution attached to the funnel into the measuring flask 
  • Turn the flask of measurement until the oxalic acid dissolves. 
  • Using a wash bottle, thoroughly add enough distilled water to the measuring flask just below the etched mark on it. 
  • Add the last few mL of distilled water drop into the measuring flask until the reduced meniscus level just touches the mark. 
  • Put the stopper on the mouth of the flask and shake softly to make the entire solution uniform. Calculate it as a solution of oxalic acid M/10. 

Simulator Procedure

  • Drag and drop watch glass onto the weighing machine to measure weight of the watch glass 
  • Click on the bottle cap to open it 
  • Drag and drop the spatula towards the bottle to take (3.1500)gm of oxalic acid 
  • Drag and drop the spatula towards the watch glass to transfer oxalic acid to watch glass. 
  • Drag and drop the watch glass towards the funnel placed at the top of the measuring flask 
  • Drag and drop the wash bottle to the top of the funnel to wash and pour any remains present inside the funnel 
  • Drag the funnel outside the measuring flask and place it inside a stand. 
  • Drag and drop the measuring flask on the canvas to shake it 
  • Drag and drop the dropper to the beaker collect some water from beaker 
  • Drag and drop the dropper containing distilled water to the top of the measuring flask to pour the water inside it. 
  • Drag and drop the stopper to close the measuring flask when the required quantity is there 
  • Drag and drop the measuring flask on the canvas to shake it. 
  • Click the reset button to redo the program 



Weight of the watch glass W1g 
Weight of the watch glass + Oxalic acid W1 + 3.15g 
Weight of Oxalic acid 3.150g (Weight of watch glass – Weight of oxalic acid) 
Volume of distilled water 250cm3 



250cm3 of decimolar or (M/10) solution of oxalic acid is prepared. 



  • Handle chemicals carefully. 
  • Keep the weighing balance clean and neat. 
  • Handle glass apparatus carefully. 
  • Ensure the water level of the chemical balance is in the right position. 
  • Use lab coats, gloves and googles while handling the chemicals.