Melting Point of an Organic Compound.
1)What is the temperature at which a substance changes from solid state to liquid state called?

2)How does the presence of an impurity affect the melting point of a compound?

3)As a solid element melts, the atoms become ………………….. and they have ………………… attraction for one another.

4)Which one of the following statements is true about melting point?

5)Why is the liquid bath stirred regularly during the determination of melting point?

6)The melting point determination of a substance helps us to:

7)Different solids have different melting points. Why?

8)What is the process by which a solid changes into a liquid?

9)The amount of heat energy required to change 1Kg of a solid into liquid at atmospheric pressure at its melting point is known as:

10)Which element is used as filaments in light bulbs due to its high melting point?


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