Determination of pH


Amplify (verb), Amplified (past participle) – to increase or enlarge.

Calibrated (past participle), Calibration (noun)  – to adjust or correct according to a defined standard set of measurements.

Concentration – In Science, a measure of the amount of a substance in a solution

Dehydration– the loss of water from a substance.

Deionise –  to remove ions from a solution.

Determination (noun) –In Science, the act of confirming the measurement of something.

Dilute – to weaken something or make it less concentrated.


 1. In Science, to break down the molecules of a single compound to form multiple molecules.  (root word- Dis- = apart. Examples; disconnect, disgrace, distrust).

2. to separate out from.

Distilled – the purification of a liquid through heating, vaporisation, cooling and condensation.

Immerse (verb) Immersed (past participle) – to cover or submerge with liquid.

Indicator – that which gives an indication, an idea of the relative value or quality of something.

Membrane – a thin layer covering organs or cells in a living organism.