Chemical Equilibrium
1)Which one of the following is CORRECT regarding chemical equilibrium?

2)What is the complex formed by the addition of thiocyanate ions into ferric salt solution ?

3)The equilibrium constant for the reaction 2CO(g) + O₂(g)→CO₂(g) is Kс. Then the equilibrium constant for the reaction, CO(g) + ½ O₂(g)→CO₂(g) would be

4)At equilibrium, the concentrations are N₂ = 3.0 x 10ˉ³ M, O₂ = 4.2 x 10ˉ³ M and NO = 2.8 x 10ˉ³ M in a sealed vessel at 800 K. What will be Kc for the reaction?

5)The reaction N₂(g) + 3H₂(g) →2NH₃(g) [∆H = -92.22 KJ/mol] is at equilibrium. How will the system respond if the temperature is increased?

6)What is the effect of a catalyst on a system at equilibrium?

7)A fertilizer plant utilizes Haber process for the manufacture of ammonia. What are the conditions for maximum yield?

8)Which of the following is true for an endothermic process?

9)Consider the reversible reaction: A + B ⇌ C +D. The equilibrium constant for this reaction is:


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