Single Displacement Reaction
1)An iron nail is placed in a solution of copper sulphate. The nail is taken out after 10 minutes. The nail will be found to be covered with:

2)When iron nails are kept in the solution of copper sulphate, the colour of the solution changes from ______.

3)What happens when Cl₂ (g) reacts with KBr(aq)?

4)What happens when a piece of Cu is put into a solution of magnesium chloride?

5)Which one of the following metals replaces hydrogen from acid?

6)Which one of the following four metals would be displaced from its salt solution by the other three metals?

7)Point out the correct statement about the reactivity of iron.

8)Which among the following reactions represents the displacement of less reactive metal from its salt solution by a more reactive metal? 

9)Which among the following element changes the color of the knife in this experiment?

10)Copper sulphate solution is added to a test tube containing clean iron nails. Where would the deposition of copper on the nail begin?


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