Combination Reaction
1)On passing CO₂ gas through the product formed by the reaction between CaO and H₂O, solution becomes which colour?

2)CaO is commonly known as __________.

3)Which of the following behaviours is true about the solution obtained by mixing CaO with water?

4)Which of the following information about the reaction of CaO with water is not true?

5)Which of the following represents a combination reaction?

6)Which one of the following is a combination reaction?

7)While performing an activity in the lab, Meera exhaled air into a colourless solution taken in a test tube. Suddenly its colour turned to milky white. Which among the following is the colourless solution?

8)To observe the reaction between quicklime and water, do you require the mixture to be heated?

9)If a student takes 5ml of the clear liquid obtained after the reaction of quick lime with water in a test tube and breathes out carbon dioxide through it. What does he observe?

10)What is a clear solution of slaked lime in water commonly called?