Determine pH with pH indicator strips / universal indicator solution
1)A student dipped pH paper in rain water collected from industrial area. Which colour would be observed?

2)The pigment molecule in red cabbage juice used as a pH indicator is?

3)For an acidic solution, the concentration of hydronium ions will be?

4)Rain water in which SO₂ gas is dissolved has a pH of?

5)What is the pH of vinegar?

6)pH is normally measured in the range of __________.

7)A sample turns blue litmus red. What could the sample be?

8)A student has samples of distilled water and aq.NaOH. The two can be identified using ________.

9)Which one of the following is not required to find the pH of a solution?

10)Which one of the following solutions would you use to test the pH of a given sample ?


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