Properties of Acids and Bases
1)pH of a solution is 8.3. Then the solution is:

2)Why do Na₂CO₃ and NaOH not react?

3)When CO₂ gas is passed through lime water, it turns milky. This is due to the formation of:

4)Take a test tube containing zinc metal and add a little amount of dil. HCl into it. Evolution of gas bubbles occurs. The gas evolved is:

5)What is the acid-base indicator which gives a pink color in an alkaline medium?

6)The hydrogen ion concentration of a solution is 0.001moles/liter. What is the pH of the solution?

7)While performing an activity in the lab students poured phenolphthalein indicator to four different solutions taken in four different test tubes. A pink colour is observed in test tube.


8)The picture given below shows the reaction of Zn with sodium hydroxide solution. The gas produced during the reaction extinguishes the burning candle and burns with mild explosion producing a pop sound. The gas evolved during the reaction is:

9)Which one of the following is required to identify the gas evolved when dil. HCl reacts with zinc metal?

10)Which one of the following is observed when solid sodium carbonate is added to dilute hydrochloric acid?


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