Oxidation Reactions of Alcohol
1)Which of the following compounds is formed when secondary alcohols are oxidised by [O]

2)Which of the reagents listed below cannot be used to convert primary alcohols to aldehydes?

3)Which of the following oxidising agents is used to obtain carboxylic acids directly from alcohols?

4)The oxidation of alcohol involves the cleavage of _____ bonds.

5)Alcohols respond as ________ when the link between the O and H of the hydroxyl group is broken.

6)An Organic Compound with a Pleasant Odour and 78 Degrees Boiling Point is Boiled with Concentrated H2SO4. It gives a Colourless gas that Decolorizes Bromine Water and Alkaline Potassium Permanganate. What is this Organic Compound?

7)When ethanol is completely oxidised, it produces

8)When heated with ethanol and a small amount of sulfuric acid, which of the following produces a nice aroma of ester?

9)Ethanol undergo oxidation under the presence of Condition A) CrO3 in Acetic acid Condition B) Alkaline KMnO4 Identify the product A and B

10)Ethyl alcohol is made in industry from ethylene.