Separation of Mixtures Using Different Techniques
1)Which one of the following is used for the separation of kerosene oil and water?

2)Which one of the following is used for the separation of miscible liquids with difference in boiling point > 25 K?

3)What is the name of the pictured glassware?

4)In chromatographic technique, the sample is dissolved in a solvent and the solvent is called?

5)Why it is necessary to shake the liquid in the separating funnel and open the stopcock before draining out the liquid from the funnel?

6)Which one of the following processes is used in washing machines to squeeze out water from wet clothes?

7)Reena poured a mixture of kerosene oil and water into a separating funnel. Which one of the following is the correct observation?


8)Which of the following equipment helps in the cooling of vapors produced during distillation?

9)You are provided with 10ml of milk in a beaker and asked to separate cream from milk. Which among the following is the best suitable method?

10)Which is the correct statement based on the below given observations obtained for the paper chromatography of two different samples A & B under same experimental conditions?


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