Transistor characteristics
1)How many p-n junctions a transistor has?

2)What is the condition for the proper transistor action?

3)Why the thickness of base section of a transistor made small?

4)What is the current amplification factor (α) for a common emitter configuration at constant V(CE)?

5)Choose the correct relation between the current gain of common base and common emitter configurations from the following.

6)Which of the following is not an application of a transistor?

7)Why a common emitter transistor is preferred over a common base transistor?

8)How does the collector current in a junction transistor changes when the base region has large size and is heavily doped?

9)In which region the doping concentration of a transistor is the highest?

10)What is the current gain for a transistor in common emitter configuration, where I(E) = 4.2 mA and I(C) = 4 mA?


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