Ohm's law and resistance
1)Which Law explains the following? At constant temperature the current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference between its ends. 

2)What does the current through a wire depend on? 

3)You are measuring the current in a circuit that is operated on an 18 V battery. The ammeter reads 40 mA. Later you notice the current has dropped to 20 mA. How much has the voltage changed? 

4)What is the shape of V v/s I graph for a linear resistor? 

5)Which of the following represent ohm’s law?

6)What is the potential difference required to pass a current of 5A through a metallic rod of resistance 10Ω?

7)Choose the correct statement from the alternatives?

8)What is the resistor value in the given circuit?

9)Which one of the following is the resistivity of gold wire?

10)If the voltage across a fixed value of resistance is increased five times, what will be the variation in current?


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