Separate three Components from Iron, Sand and Common Salt Mixture
1)A solid substance is undissolved in water. Which of the following methods is used for separating it?

2)Iron is separated from the mixture by:

3)Which of the following will not be attracted by a magnet?

4)The best way to separate a mixture of sand and iron filings is by the method of:

5)Correct order to separate salt from sand

6)How will you separate iron filings, ammonium chloride and sand from their mixture

7)What separation technique is used to separate sand and gravel?

8)How could you separate iron filings from a mixture of iron and sulfur?

9)You are provided with a mixture containing sand, iron filings, ammonium chloride and sodium chloride. The correct order of procedures you would use to separate these constituents from the mixture?

10)Without magnets how to separate salt and iron fillings