Affect of Atmospheric Pressure

Our Objective 

To demonstrate affect of atmospheric pressure by making partial vacuum by condensing steam.


The Theory


When an object is submerged in the fluid at rest, the fluid exerts a force on its surface. This force is always normal to object’s surface.

Atmospheric Pressure

Pressure of atmosphere at any point is equal to weight of column of air of unit cross sectional area extending from that point to top of atmosphere. Pressure exerted by atmosphere on an object is known as atmospheric pressure.

Higher pressure regions push things or fluids to lower regions.

In this experiment we are setting a partial vacuum which is the place of very low pressure by heating and releasing of air from flask.

We are observing the rush of water from sea level atmospheric pressure to partial vacuum.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Students can understand the affect of atmospheric pressure.
  • Students can understand how fluid flows from high pressure regions to lower pressure regions. 
  • Students can explain how application of principle of pressure difference works.