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1)What happens when the wavelength of a wave increases?

2)In order to form stationary waves, the two individual waves should have which of the following characteristics?

3)Which of the following relation is correct for a stretched string under vibration?

4)Two stretched strings of same material are vibrating under same tension in fundamental mode. If the ratio between their radii is 1:3 and that between lengths is 1:2, then what will be the ratio between their frequencies?

5)What is the type of waves produced in stretched strings under vibration?

6)In a sonometer experiment, what change occurs when the tension doubles?

7)What happen when the paper rider in the sonometer experiment flies off?

8)Choose the correct relation to explain the Law of length of a stretched string.

9)Nodes are regions of standing waves in which the particles in the medium have which of the following?

10)Which is the correct relation, if two bodies are in resonance with frequencies ν1 and ν2 respectively?