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Boyle's Law
1)Which of the following is incorrect in consideration of molecular packing among the three states of matter?

2)Which are the fundamental macroscopic properties of gases ?

3)Which variable among the following is constant in Boyle’s Law?

4)What is the relation between pressure and volume according to Boyle’s Law?

5)Which of following pair of variables is inversely proportional to each other under constant temperature?

6)Which is the correct relation?

7)Which of the following shows the application of Boyle’s Law?

8)A 17.50ml sample of gas is at 4.500 atm. What will be the volume if the pressure becomes 1.500 atm. with a fixed amount of gas and temperature?

9)What is the nature of graph between pressure and volume for a gas at constant temperature?

10)If, at constant temperature, the volume of a flask equipped with a moveable piston is reduced to 1/4 its original volume, what must happen to the pressure?


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