Viscosity of a liquid - Stoke's method
1)Which property measures the resistance of a liquid to flow ?

2)Which of the following is the correct statement?

3)The rain drops falling from the sky neither hit us hard, nor make holes on the ground. Why?

4)Two balls whose radii are in the ratio 1:2 fall from a height of 50 km. What will be the ratio of their terminal velocities ?

5)What is the unit of coefficient of viscosity?

6)Cooking oil appears to move more fluidly upon a frying pan after being heated on a stove. Why?

7)Which of the following factors are responsible for the viscous force acting on a spherical body?

8)Calculate the viscous force on a ball of radius 1 mm moving through a liquid of viscosity 0.2 Nsm^-2 at a speed of 0.07 m/s?

9)What happens to the viscosity of a liquid when pressure increases ?

10)Choose the incorrect statement from the following.