Helical Spring
1)Which law is used in the movement of a helical spring?

2)Which of the following is correct regarding the helical spring?

3)Give the condition at which a spring obeys Hooke’s law

4)The spring constant of a certain spring is calculated as k(e) when measured in earth. If the spring constant of the same spring is calculated on the moon (ie; k(m)), what will be the ratio of the respective spring constants?

5)How does the force constant depend upon the mass of the load?

6)Which is the incorrect statement ?

7)Which of the following is an application of helical springs?

8)Hooke’s Law holds good up to which limit ?

9)What is the unit of spring constant?

10)Find the extension produced by a helical spring of spring constant 30N/m, when a mass of 500g is attached to its end?


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