Inclined Plane
1)Which of the following is an example of inclined plane?

2)Why roller is used in the inclined plane experiment?

3)What is the weight of the body of mass m moving through an inclined plane placed at an angle θ?

4)In which direction does the normal force of a body placed on a surface always act?

5)Which of the following statements is incorrect?

6)What is the shape of the graph between W and sinθ ?

7)What is meant by the angle of inclination?

8)The force required to move an object of mass m on an inclined plane is w. If the mass of the body is doubled, what will be the force (w’) required to pull the object on the same plane?(neglect force due to friction)

9)What is the significance of the slope of the graph between W and sinθ?

10)Calculate the force required to move a body of mass 1 kg placed on a frictionless 10 degree inclined plane?


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