Beam Balance
1)In the experiment of a beam balance, a metallic bob is placed in one of the pan and it gets balanced by putting the weights 50 g, 1 g, 200 mg and 10 mg. What is the mass of the bob is :

2)The minimum weights, available in the main 'weight box' and the 'fractional weight box', commonly used in the laboratory are, respectively: 

3)The quantity of matter possessed by the body is called?

4)The mass required to change the resting point of a beam balance by one division is called?

5)The sensibility of a beam balance is 0.003243 and R0 is 8.916667. When an object of 8.72 g wt is placed in the left pan and it is counter poised with weights in the right pan, the turning points noted are as follows. What is the correct weight of the object placed in the pan?

6)The resting point R0 of a beam balance is 9.01 and the resting point of the same when a 10 mg is placed in its right pan is 8.9. Then, what is the sensibility of the beam balance? 

7)What is the S.I unit of weight? 

8)The force with which the body is attracted by the earth towards its centre is___________.

9)What is the relationship between gravitational mass and inertial mass of a body?

10)What is the principle behind the working of a beam balance?


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