Young's Modulus
1)What is Young’s modulus ?

2)What is the property of a body by virtue of which it tends to regain its original size and shape by the removal of applied force is called?

3)Which of the following comes under the category of longitudinal stress?

4)When the density of a material increases, what will happen to its Young’s modulus?

5)What does the following statement mean? “The elastic limit of steel is greater than that of rubber”.

6)Which of the following is an example of elastic body?

7)What happen when bodies are deformed beyond elastic limit?

8)The young’s modulus of a wire of radius R and length L is Y N/m2. If the radius and length are changed to 2R and 4L respectively, then its young’s modulus will be ?

9)A wire extends 1 cm by the application of certain force. Double the force is applied to another wire of same material and length, but half the radius of previous one. Then what will be the elongation produced by the wire?

10)The ratio of radius of two wires is 2:1. If the same force is applied to both of them, the extension produced is in the ratio 2:3. What will be the ratio of their lengths?


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