Verification of Newton's Second Law
1)What causes a body to fall to Earth?

2)What is the rate of change of velocity called?

3)The product of mass and velocity is called_____

4)Which of the following statements is false?

5)Which of the following is correct for acceleration due to gravity at the equator on Earth?

6)Consider two bodies having the same mass and falling from different heights. Which one should have the maximum velocity when reaching the ground (neglecting air resistance)?

7)What is the force of attraction between all heavenly bodies called?

8)“When there is no external force acting on the system, total linear momentum is conserved”- Which Law does this statement describe?

9)When a body moves over a frictional surface, its acceleration ______.

10)What causes a vehicle to move?

11)What is the result when the brakes of a vehicle are suddenly applied?

12)Consider mass of a brick is 100 grams, how much force is needed to lift up 10 bricks individually?

13)Which is the statement of Newton’s Second Law?

14)In uniformly accelerated motion, what is the shape of the displacement- time graph?

15)What is the unit of force?


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