Determination of Density of Solid
1)If the mass of solid body is doubled, its density:

2)Relatively density is same as:

3)Which one of the following liquids has the highest density?

4)How is the density of a substance calculated?

5)Mass of a body is defined as:

6)What is the relative density of water?

7)Relative density of a substance depends upon:

8)Which one is the correct statement?

9)What does the spring balance measure?

10)What is the extension in the length of spring is proportional to?

11)A small packet of substance whose relative density is more than that of water is thrown in water. It will __________.

12)What force/forces act on a body immersed in a liquid?

13)The mass of a solid iron cube of side 4 cm is to be determined. Out of the four spring balances available, the one best suitable for this purpose would have what range? Density of iron is 7.8 g/cc.

14)A body is just floating on the surface of a liquid. Density of the body is same as that of the liquid. The body is slightly pushed down. What will the body do?

15)A student is performing the experiment 'To determine the density of solid (denser than water), by using spring balance and measuring cylinder'. During the experiment, he observed that a few air bubbles were sticking to the solid when immersed in water. What will the presence of air bubbles lead to?

16)You are given solid cubes of Aluminium and Iron, each of side 4 cm and two spring balances. Balance A has a range of 0 to 250 g and a least count of 2.5 g, while balance B has a range of 0 to 1000 g and a least count of 10g. Which balance would be the preferred option for mass measurement of the cubes?

17)A spring balance read 10 kg, when a bucket of water was suspended from it. What will be the reading of the spring balance when an ice cube of mass 1.5g is put into the bucket?

18)A spring balance read 10 kg when a bucket of water was suspended from it. An iron piece having some mass is suspended by another string and immersed in the bucket with half of its volume. What will the reading of balance be?

19)When a body is floating in a liquid, then weight of the body is balanced by the upward thrust of liquid on the body. Due to this, the apparent weight of the body in the liquid is equal to?

20)A body will float only when its density is:


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