Force required to move a wooden block
1)If all we know about an object is that it is moving north, what can we understand? 

2)1N =………………kg.wt 

3)The force acting on a mass of 1 g due to the gravitational pull on the earth is called 1 g.wt. What does one g-wt equal? 

4)What is the relation between a Newton and a dyne? 

5)How much force is needed to produce an acceleration of 1ms-2 in a body of mass 1 kg? 

6)When would the weight of a body NOT be zero? 

7)If a rock is brought from the surface of the moon, which of the following is true? 

8)Which Law gives the measure of force? 

9)A rain drop of mass 0.1 g is falling with uniform speed of 10 cms-1. What is the net force acting on the drop? 

10)Which of the following is a vector quantity? 

11)What is the physical quantity that takes into account the combined effect of mass and velocity? 


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