Newton's Third law of Motion
1)If the action is of 5 N, then the reaction will be: 

2)How do action and reaction act on a body? 

3)Rockets work on the principle of which of Newton’s Laws? 

4)If a man jumps out of a boat, in what direction does the boat move? 

5)While flying, in which direction do the birds push the air? 

6)The Law of Conservation of Momentum is related to which of the following? 

7)How do the forces of action and reaction, referred to in Newton’s Third Law, act on objects? 

8)A man is standing in a boat in still water. If, while standing in the boat, he tries to walk towards the shore, what will the boat do? 

9)When we kick a stone, we get hurt. Due to which one of the following properties of the stone does it happen? 

10)What would happen if action and reaction were to act on the same body? 

11)What is the principle involved in the working of a jet plane? 

12)What is the total momentum of a bullet and a gun before firing? 


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